The San Mateo County Bar Association seeks to assist its Board of Directors in becoming tech-savvy leaders!  Helping the Board to cross over the digital threshold by providing board materials electronically through the board portal OnBoard.  We realize that traditional board packages (paper hard copies) are time consuming and a waste of natural resources.  By providing a secure document repository in a central location, board members will have enough time to thoroughly review meeting documents, have instant one-touch access to supplementary materials and announcements, and vote directly within OnBoard. Materials will be available anywhere anytime, and on any device: web app, iPhone, iPad, laptop, Kindle Fire, and Windows Surface.

Materials presented through the portal will make use of graphics vs. lengthy written reports.  Bar finances will also be posted, providing greater security than printing and recycling these reports.  It is our goal to increase efficiency!  Increased efficiency, better communication and greater security will lead to better governance!  We hope to achieve better governance, by allowing our Board to focus on SMCBA’s mission and strategic goals, by keeping these documents in the forefront.

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